Emergency Medicaid

What is Emergency Medicaid
Emergency Medicaid is designed for treating people when there is any need of sudden treatment in emergency cases. There are many occasions when there is medical emergency when the patient is in very critical situation then the emergency Medicaid helps the person to get treated and recover. Emergency Medicaid is only available for sudden medical emergencies which are very serious like serious jeopardy, impairment of body functions, dysfunction of any body part etc. There is no payment needed if any candidate is eligible for taking emergency Medicaid but the Emergency Medicaid does not pay for treatment of any other things even if there is a serious case which can be life threatening. The Medicaid cannot be approved in advance until the medical review team says that there is an emergency in the case.

Medicaid is a medical program for the person whose income is low and he/she cannot pay for treatment of any medical emergency case. People who have certain type of disabilities are also eligible for having Medicaid. Medicaid is the best and biggest program to provide medical services to person who cannot afford the budget of treatment as he/she has a low income. Community Medicaid helps the person who doesn’t have any medical insurance or has a very low medical insurance.

The emergency Medicaid has a very good effect on the public health. The Medicaid helps the people who cannot get the proper treatment in medical emergencies. This help has shown a good effect and in a recent survey it is seen that the number of people dying in medical emergencies has low down in last year’s. This fact shows that the Medicaid program has performed very well and made the people healthy and happy.

Eligibility for having Medicaid:


The first eligibility criterion for Medicaid is that the person’s income must be lower than a certain amount of income.


The second criterion is the category to which the person belongs. If the person met the income decided for his/her category then he/she will be eligible for Medicaid. Some of the categories are age limit, pregnancy, person who has disabilities etc.


Medicaid provides a big amount of money for health care of the people who live with HIV/AIDS. About half of HIV/AIDS positive persons receive the Medicaid payments.

Immigrants and Noncitizens:

Immigrants’ level is not any eligibility criteria for emergency Medicaid. Any person who is eligible according to the income and assets limitations is eligible for emergency Medicaid regardless of the fact that what legal immigrant status he/she has.

Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries, Dental and Coverage and Utilization are also some eligibility features for emergency Medicaid.

Medical emergency can occur to anyone at any time and when it occurs there is need of good treatment which the medicaid offers you without any cost or with a very low cost. So now you know the benefits and the eligibility criteria of Medicaid if you are eligible for Medicaid just go ahead and get yourself treated by emergency Medicaid.