Emergency Medicaid For Illegal Immigrants

Emergency Medicaid For Illegal Immigrants
Healthcare is very important for us to maintain good health. However, most people cannot afford the expensive health care coverage. The situation is even worse for illegal or undocumented immigrants who reside in the US, because they can’t purchase health insurance from private companies. These people can only get assistance from public health insurance programs under limited circumstances. At this time, the emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants is providing assistance to those who cannot afford to pay the high costs for health care coverage.
Medicaid health insurance is federally funded and is available to low income families and individuals. There is a Medicaid program in each state, so the specifics for eligibility requirements will be slightly different for everyone. The important thing to remember is that you have to provide the correct documentation to qualify for coverage, whether you are applying for emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants or legal citizens.
When applying for Medicaid coverage, you have to provide documentation such as birth certificate, government ID, Social Security card or naturalization documents for members of the household members. If you are an Illegal immigrant without the required paperwork, you can still submit an application to get emergency Medicaid coverage with limited services. In addition, you must live in the state when applying for coverage.

Who can get Emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants?
Persons without health care insurance coverage and are not able to get immediate medical attention at private doctors or other facilities. By law, the emergency departments must medically assess and provide persons with stabilizing treatments during emergency situations

Medical emergency services.

Currently, Medicaid is the only public assistance emergency medical service available to illegal immigrants. These Medicaid emergency services have to be provided under the federal law. The federal law states that emergency Medicaid services must be provided to illegal immigrants for urgent medical conditions with acute symptoms that could endanger the patient’s health. This also covers the cost for emergency delivery and labor.

When to apply for emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants

1. If you are a pregnant women who is an undocumented or illegal immigrant. Medicaid will provide you with short-term medical coverage.

2. If you were born in the US and belongs to an undocumented immigrant household.  As long as your family satisfies the income requirements, you can qualify for emergency Medicaid coverage if you are 19 years and younger.

3. If you have to visit the emergency room for urgent medical treatment. Hospitals have social workers who can help you to apply for short term emergency Medicaid coverage.

In general, individuals are required to supply the necessary documentation from medical providers to get emergency Medicaid for illegal immigrants. This documentation will outline the nature of the medical condition; the approximate time of the emergency and most importantly that the medical treatment is needed for an emergency health condition.