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Application Requirements For Alabama Medicaid

Emergency medicaid Alabama benefits are available to help persons who cannot afford the regular health insurance in Alabama. This program is funded by the government. As long as you are earning a low income and have some form of disability, you are eligible to get benefits from the program. Read on to find out about the application requirements for Medicaid Alabama

All applicants must satisfy certain criteria to qualify for Medicaid. This includes citizenship and residency as well as income and assets requirements. However, the health benefits are available to elderly and disabled residents, pregnant women and families with children. If you are interested in applying, you can get a form from the Alabama Medicaid Agency and then complete and return it along with any supporting documents. Another option is to submit your application on the internet through the agency’s website.

Application Requirements For Alabama Medicaid

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Citizenship and Residency: You must be a citizen or resident of this state to apply for the Medicaid benefits through the agency. For residency, you need to provide proof such as a current utility bill or lease with your full name and home address. You will also need documents such as a citizenship certificate or a birth certificate to prove that you are a US citizen.

Income: Applicants should meet certain income guidelines and this is based on the size of their household. Certain deductions will be made for allowances including expenses for child care; employed members in the household and households which receive child support. Your income should not surpass the federal poverty amount by over 33% and you must show proof of income. Disabled applicants who are single must not have assets over $2000 or $3000 if they are a couple when submitting requests via the Social Security Administration.

Age: Low income families who have children below nineteen years old can apply for Medicaid. Elderly persons who are sixty-five and older can get benefits once they satisfy the income requirements and their health care is not under the Medicaid coverage.

Child Support: If at least one of the child’s parents is absent from a low income family and this person is cooperating with Alabama’s Department of Human Services, an application can be made for Medicaid Alabama  coverage.

Physical Condition: The Medicaid Agency in Alabama provides coverage for pregnant women to get pre-natal and post-natal care for as much as two months after giving birth. Newborns are covered during the first year if the mother has active Medicaid during the period for the pregnancy and the delivery. Disabled or blind persons who are eligible for Social Security Income will be enrolled automatically in the Medicaid program.

Once you are a resident of Alabama and you cannot afford or don’t have access to the private health insurance you can get coverage through the Alabama Medicaid program. When you satisfy all the application requirements for Alabama Medicaid, you can either call the office directly for further assistance or print the form online and then mail it to the office.

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