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About Alaska Medicaid Program
Most of the residents in Alaska are not able to pay for healthcare services because of the high cost for medical treatments. The Federal Government has developed a program to provide all Americans with basic medical services. This is the Emergency Medicaid Alaska program. You should consider this program if you are a resident of Alaska and cannot afford to pay for regular medical coverage. You could benefit from free healthcare if you qualify for one of the Medicaid Programs in Alaska.

About Alaska Medicaid Program

The Medicaid program is funded by both the Federal and Alaska State government. This program ensures that disabled, elderly and low-income individuals gain easy access to medical services and health care. As a Medicaid recipient, you would get the same level of medical care that others receive with the private health insurance. The Division of Health Care Services in Alaska has the responsibility to administer the Medicaid Alaska programs.

Eligibility Requirements

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There are certain criteria to satisfy in terms of income and assets. It is important to note that the limits for income and assets are subjected to change every year, so the amount might be somewhat different for each category. As an example, in 2011 a household with four persons were eligible for coverage if their monthly gross earnings was up to $3,009. Whenever a family gets an increased income, they can still get Medicaid over a period of time based on the transitional program. You can check the official websites for Alaska Department of Health and Human Services to know about the existing income limits for the programs and the household sizes.

In addition to the above, you have to meet other basic requirements to qualify for an Alaska Medicaid program. All applicants should be Alaskan citizens and residents or eligible non-citizens of America. In some instances when individuals have medical emergencies, there is an exception for the non-citizens. The emergency Medicaid might only be available for urgent cases. When applying, you must also fall into one of the eligibility categories such as low-income family; pregnant women; transitional; disabled; children; elderly and persons who require long term nursing care.

Before you can get Medicaid Alaska benefits, you have to complete an application form for program and services. This application is readily available on the Health and Social Services site in downloadable format. You could also contact the local service office to request the application over the phone or in person. After completing the application, you can either mail it to the nearest office or return the form in person. The office would then mail an interview appointment to you. For the interview, you must provide proof of income, identity, assets and so on. It will then take about thirty days for the office to mail a written decision with regards to your eligibility.

There are additional resources available if you want more information on the Medicaid Programs in Alaska.

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