Emergency Medicaid Arizona

Emergency Medicaid Arizona

Medicaid services in Arizona

Medicaid Arizona health program is providing low income families with an opportunity to enjoy medical insurance benefits. This is an optional program that all the states have been participating since the 80’s. So, you can benefit from Medicaid services in Arizona, even though this state was the last one to create the health program.

Arizona Medicaid program, also called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, has different categories for children and adults. When it comes to coverage, the rules for the categories are slightly different. The adult programs include the AHCCCS; the Sixth Omnibus Reconciliation Act (SOBRA); Family Planning Services; Breast and Cervical Cancer as well as the State and Federal Emergency Services for Aliens, both Documented and Undocumented.


How to Qualify for Arizona Medicaid Services

Medicaid Arizona State FlagYou have to meet certain requirements to qualify for the services under the Medicaid Arizona program. For once, you should be an Arizona resident, a qualified immigrant or a US citizen. You could still benefit from the emergency services even if don’t satisfy the requirements. Medicaid eligibility is determined mainly by a family’s income, which is based on the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Keep in mind that you cannot qualify for another Medicaid category if you are already eligible for one.

In addition, you need a Social Security number when applying for this health program. If necessary, you have to cooperate with Arizona’s Division of Child Support Enforcement. Furthermore, you must submit an application for potential income and have a family income that is below the income limit.

Let’s look at the other requirements for the different Medicaid categories.

The undocumented and documented aliens in Arizona must satisfy certain financial requirements to qualify for Medicaid benefits. Only the aliens who live in America for less than 5 years will be eligible for the medical services.

Applicants don’t have to meet an income limit to get help from the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. However, the income cannot exceed 250% of the FPL if the application is checked through Arizona Well Woman Health Check Program.

Pregnant women, who earn below 133% (after deduction) of the FPL, will qualify for Arizona Medicaid services. The income limit will increase for every additional birth.

The Medicaid program in Arizona offer family planning services to women who don’t have SOBRA and they need the services within sixty days of giving birth. Any woman who qualifies for any other Medicaid category or is more than sixty-days postpartum is not eligible for this service.

Children up to age five will qualify for Medicaid coverage if the income in their household is 133% or less of the FPL. The SOBRA children from age six to eighteen are eligible for coverage if the family income is 100% or less of the FPL. In addition, families with children can get AHCCCS coverage if their income level is not more than 100% of the FPL.

You should really give some thought to applying for Medicaid services in Arizona because the costs for healthcare can be extremely high today.


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