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Connecticut Medicaid Requirements

Medicaid, a United States healthcare program, is geared towards the low-income earners. Each state has different requirements to join the program. Connecticut Medicaid covers uninsured children, certain cancers, pregnancy, disabilities and more. All potential participants have to meet certain requirements for each type of medical insurance.

The Medicaid Connecticut healthcare assistance system was created specifically to ensure that those in need have access to quality medical care. In Connecticut, the persons in this group include sixty-five year olds and older, low income families with kids, blind or disabled individuals and pregnant women. Through Medicaid Connecticut, persons who are insured will get well-needed healthcare and the payments are sent directly to the participating providers.

Connecticut Medicaid Requirements

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The Medicaid programs in this state have certain requirements such as residency and income. Some also have asset requirements to help identify persons who can afford to pay their medical bills, but still falls within the income guidelines. Most of the Medicaid plans in Connecticut also come with income limits in proportion to the amount for federal poverty level.

In addition, persons must be Connecticut residents, US citizens or legal immigrants to get Medicaid assistance. Anyone who is seeking healthcare coverage through the program must also cooperate fully with a Department of Health caseworker in order to establish eligibility and supply the necessary documents.

Children Under 19

The Medicaid program in Connecticut offers healthcare assistance to kids nineteen years and younger under the HUSKY A or Uninsured Kids and Youth program. The income for parents with kids in the HUSKY A program must not surpass 185% of the federal poverty level. Children between nineteen and twenty can also join the programs once their income does not go over 100%.


Adults with children in HUSKY A can get Medicaid benefits in Connecticut once their income is 100% or less of the FPL. Pregnant women are also eligible if their earnings fall within 185% of the set limit. Immigrants who are recognized as refugees may get medical aid in Connecticut, especially if they can’t benefit from any other healthcare assistance program. The refugee program is funded completely by the federal government.

Cervical and Breast Cancer Patients

Persons who are diagnosed with any of these cancers can get assistance through Connecticut’s Medicaid, provided that they are US citizens or residents of the state. Applicants might not get coverage from a primary insurance for necessary treatments or qualify for other types of Medicaid benefits. While there are no asset or income limitations for these cancer patients, they have to be screened first.

Overall, Connecticut Medicaid program is paying for most of the medical care that the low income or uninsured population would need. This includes the cost for doctor visits, home healthcare, laboratory servicers, hospital stays and more.

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