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Emergency Medicaid – Indiana

When it comes to medical assistance programs, none can come close to helping as many people (well, at least Americans) as Medicaid. The Indiana Medicaid program is a joint-funded venture that is implemented by both the Federal and state government; medical assistance services are incredibly important in this day and age, so it only makes sense to apply something such as this. There are requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can actually make use of the Indiana Medicaid program, and that’s for a good reason – it’s only available to those that truly need it. Typically, it’s reserved for low to very low income families that need help with their medical bills; even during an average year, without the coverage you could be going to the doctors at least once or twice (and paying for it quite dearly).

The Medicaid program is reserved specifically for those that are eligible to apply for medicaid Indiana, which would be: children that are eligible, caretakers/parents of children, women who are pregnant, adults that are aged 19 to 64 who aren’t currently receiving Medicaid and reach the financial requirements (and also aren’t a parent/caretaker of a child) as well as those who are over the age of 65. Those who are blind or disabled/caring for someone disabled are eligible as well.

Getting Specific – What Other Requirements Are There?

To Apply for Medicaid Indiana

You need to be a resident of Indiana, a permanent resident, citizen or simply a U.S. National who is in need of health care assistance. To start a medicaid application Indiana you also have to meet the financial qualifications that are put in place by the state, which amount wise, will vary from region to region. The annual household income number is before taxes, and is going to grow pertaining to the number of people who live in your household. We’ll get a bit more specific so you can figure out whether or not you’re in the low to very low income bracket (and thus, could qualify for Medicaid).

Household of 1 – $16,146 per year
Household of 2 – $21,892 per year
Household of 3 – $27,637 per year
Household of 4 – $33,383 per year
Household of 5 – $39,129 per year
Household of 6 – $44,874 per year
Household of 7 – $50,620 per year
Household of 8 – $56,365 per year

If you happen to live in a household that is holding more than 8 people at a time, you can simply add on an additional $5,746 per person and get the proper amount. It’s crucial that you get the proper amount before applying, or else you could be at risk of hearing the wrong information.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for medicaid Indiana the process is quite simple and can be done online, or if you feel like using an old-fashioned method, you can call them at their toll-free number for assistance:

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