Kentucky Emergency Medicaid

Emergency Medicaid Kentucky

The Kentucky Medicaid program is much different than the many other states’ rendition of it, and those that aren’t familiar with Kentucky are in the right place. Medicaid is a program that was put in place to assist low income households with their medical insurance needs. Everybody has a right to proper treatment of their wounds and ailments, and Medicaid is trying to provide that. It has a different name when to go from place to place, but it’s still under the same Medicaid umbrella – for example, it’s known as “The Kentucky Medical Program” around here.

The program, in general, is intended to serve those who are 65 years of age or older, who are blind or permanently disabled, family members who have dependents/children, children who are in foster care, pregnant women and any individual under the age of 21 getting psychiatric treatment (meaning they are in a psychiatric hospital at the time of application).

Those are merely the beginnings of this qualification process, as there are other factors to be considered before one can make use of The Kentucky Medical Program.

Other Requirements – Understand the Qualification Process

You have to be sure that you meet all requirements before applying, or else it’s essentially void. You must be either a resident of Kentucky, a legal alien, citizen, permanent resident or U.S. National who is in need of medical insurance. You also have to meet the financial thresholds that would consider you either low or very low in regards to your annual income. This is before taxes, not after them; make sure you keep that in mind. If you’re pregnant or responsible for children under the age of 19, this is a great route for you – it will help ease the financial burden that medical costs can bring upon many of us.

The financial thresholds are produced on a per person basis, meaning that the number of individuals living in your home is going to determine how much money you can make before becoming ineligible. If you make too much money and aren’t considered to be in the low income bracket, you won’t be eligible to receive assistance from The Kentucky Medical Program.

1-Person Household – $15,800 MAX per year
2-Person Households – $21,307 MAX per year
3-Person Households – $26,813 MAX per year
4-Person Households – $32,319 MAX per year
5-Person Households – $37,825 MAX per year
6-Person Households – $43,331 MAX per year
7-Person Households – $48,851 MAX per year
8-Person Households – $54,384 MAX per year

When you have more than 8 people to account for in your household, simply add on $5,533 and you’ll see the maximum level of income per year for your case.

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