Maine Emergency Medicaid

Emergency Medicaid – Maine

Medicaid was implemented by both the Federal and state government to make sure that low income families are accounted for when it comes to their healthcare needs. There are a lot of bills that come along with raising a family, as well as living a healthy life in general – that’s why the Main Medicaid program is such an important initiative to consider supporting. If you’re interested in figuring out whether you qualify for Medicaid coverage, this article should work wonders for you – we’re here to shed some light on the qualification process.

Medicaid Maine

From state to state the rules are going to vary, meaning that Medicaid requirements may change as a result. Sometimes more people will be covered, and in other cases, less – the name might also be different as well. In the case of Maine, it’s known as “MaineCare”. If you want to qualify for this program, you have to be sure that you’ve met the given requirements; this isn’t something that just anybody you know could make use of.

MaineCare Requirements

If you want to qualify for the MaineCare medical benefit program, you need to be: a resident of Maine, a citizen, a U.S. National, a permanent resident or a legal alien who is in need of help with their health care insurance situation. Your financial portfolio needs to match up with those that are considered low to very low income as well, and there are very specific annual income thresholds in place for that process. You have to be either pregnant, a parent or somebody who is a relative caretaker (of dependents under the age of 19), have a disability (or live with someone who has a disability), be blind or aged 65 or older.

The annual income threshold is represented before taxes, so that needs to be accounted for when you’re doing the math. Below is a list of how much money you can earn (pertaining to how many people live in your home) on an annual basis, if you fall underneath or exactly on the threshold, you’ll be deemed eligible.

Household of 1 – $15,800 MAX per year
Household of 2 – $21,307 MAX per year
Household of 3 – $26,813 MAX per year
Household of 4 – $32,319 MAX per year
Household of 5 – $37,825 MAX per year
Household of 6 – $43,331 MAX per year
Household of 7 – $48,851 MAX per year
Household of 8 – $54,384 MAX per year

MaineCare is always going to put a valiant effort into the screening process, so make sure that you meet all of the requirements before applying. If you have more than 8 people to account for, you can add on an additional $5,533 to the “Household of 8” number for the proper amount.

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