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Massachusetts Medicaid coverage is something that you’ll want to read into if you’re a low income adult within the Massachusetts area. It applies to both low and medium income people, which is a far cry from most state Medicaid programs (as they usually just cover those that have incredibly low incomes on an annual basis). MassHealth is what the Massachusetts Medicaid program is known as, but it’s all one in the same; there are different names for each state Medicaid assistance program. The coverage being offered is in abundance, and will offer up certain levels of coverage according to your age. Not only that, but it also applies to you if you’re a parent, pregnant, have been diagnosed with HIV or suffer from breast/cervical cancer. If you work for a small employer it will apply as well, MassHealth will still be responsible for determining whether you are eligible or not.

Medicaid Massachusetts

After they’ve looked over your application, they can apply the proper amount of coverage that you qualify for. Some people will receive more, whereas others will receive less; it’s all going to be determined by how much money you make and your current lifestyle.

Qualifying for MassHealth: What Do You Need?

This benefit program is only intended for a specific group of Massachusetts residents, U.S. Nationals, citizens or a non-citizen that still meets qualifications. You need to be in need of assistance with your health care insurance, and your income (on an annual basis before taxes have been applied) needs to meet the low to very low threshold.

There are some non-citizen individuals that will be eligible for MassHealth due to their children, the fact that they are pregnant, disabilities or being in their senior years (65 or above). If you have a disability, there isn’t going to be a limit in regards to your income – instead, you will be responsible for paying a premium (as well as a one-time payment in the form of a qualification deductible).

Income Limits

Like we’ve stated above, you have to take income limits into account. This will be determined by your household size, which is merely the number of people who live in your home at one time – if you have a family of 5, you’d have a household count of exactly that. These limits are set in place to make sure that assistance is given to those who absolutely need it, and not those who could easily budget health care into their annual costs.

House Size of 1 – $16,040 maximum per year
House Size of 2 – $21,599 maximum per year
House Size of 3 – $27,718 maximum per year
House Size of 4 – $32,718 maximum per year
House Size of 5 – $38,277 maximum per year
House Size of 6 – $43,837 maximum per year
House Size of 7 – $49,396 maximum per year
House Size of 8 – $54,956 maximum per year

In the case of a household that has more than 8 people in it, you can tack on an additional $5,559 per individual and get the right income limit.

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