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Medicaid – Mississippi

Low income individuals are always going to have a tough time paying for their health care costs, that is, unless they have the power of Medicaid on their side. Mississippi Medicaid is a program that aids low income people, as long as they’re capable of meeting specific requirements (that were implemented into the program by the Federal government). Although it is a Federal policy and covers the entirety of the United States, it’s still going to have various changes in regards to your location. The Medicaid application rules that surround the Mississippi process may not be the exact same ones that you would see in Minnesota or California.

medicaid mississippi

When you’re eligible for the full Medicaid coverage, you’ll be able to make use of health care providers that you would usually expect; as well as many others that you thought were out of reach. The main providers of these services will be doctors and hospitals that accept Medicaid, allowing you to get your hands on precious prescriptions and important rehab when it’s needed the most. Qualifying isn’t easy, and you have to meet the requirements in order to do so – if you don’t meet the requirements, there’s no other way to put it: you won’t be able to use Medicaid.

Who is Mississippi Medicaid For?

Those that qualify would be people who are a resident of Mississippi, a citizen, a permanent resident or a legal alien whom are in need of medical insurance assistance. They’ve also got to meet the incredibly strict income limits that have been set, which are there to ensure that only low income individuals and families are receiving the Mississippi Medicaid benefits. The perfect example of a prime candidate would be someone who is either:

? Pregnant
? Blind/Disabled (or living with a disabled person)
? A parent or legal guardian of somebody aged 19 or under
? Blind
? 65 years of age or older

The income limit is going to be determined by how many people live in your house. If you’ve got more than 8 people to be considered, there is a small equation you can use to add them into the mix; as long as you meet the above requirements and fall under the necessary income limit category, you’ll be good to go when it comes to your Mississippi Medicaid application.

Income Limit

If you aren’t able to know the difference between a two person household income limit and an eight person household income limit, your application won’t go as smoothly as you had hoped. Take a look at the income limits we’ve listed below and find which one would be suitable in your case; if you meet these requirements. Mississippi Medicaid may only be an application (and a 45 day waiting process) away.

1-Person Household – $15,800 MAX/yr
2-Person Household – $21,307 MAX/yr
3-Person Household – $26,813 MAX/yr
4-Person Household – $32,913 MAX/yr
5-Person Household – $37,825 MAX/yr
6-Person Household – $43,331 MAX/yr
7-Person Household – $48,851 MAX/yr
8-Person Household – $54,384 MAX/yr

The equation for adding on extra people is quite simple. If you have a number of people in your household that excess 8, you can add on an additional $5,533 per person to get the right income limit number.

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