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Both the promotion of good health and prevention of illness are two things that the Missouri Medicaid service is all about. Although Medicaid is known around the globe, the name of individual state health care programs (that are simply extensions of Medicaid) can be named differently. That would be the case here, as the Missouri Medicaid program is known as “MO HealthNet”. If you meet a certain list of requirements, you would become eligible for MO HealthNet insurance assistance. All of the requirements that need to be taken into account are created by the FSD; anything that they say is set in stone.

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The correction or limiting of disabilities is a top priority, which is why MO HealthNet is built to serve those who are disabled (as well as those that live with the disabled). Whenever you become eligible and have gone through the application process successfully, you will receive your HealthNet Identification Card (either that or a letter from the FSD, which is the ‘Family Support Division’).

What Medicaid Services Are Provided?

The sheer number of services that could make use of within the MO HealthNet program are staggering, to say the least. You’ll be able to make use of inpatient hospital care, as well as your typical x-rays and lab work; all the way from the simple things, down to the intricate medical procedures. They even provide dental care and long-term residential services for the elderly. Almost any service that you could consider making use of is provide through this avenue.

Qualification is a big deal, as when you don’t meet the requirements, there’s no chance of you to be successfully put through into the program.

What Are the Qualifications?

As the beginning of the post would lead you to believe, these requirements are crucial to the entire Missouri Medicaid process. It filters out those that don’t really need the medical assistance, and leaves the federally funded program to help those who truly do need it. You need to be a resident of Missouri, of course, but you could also be a US national or citizen in general. Permanent residents and legal aliens who are in need of assistance with their health care are eligible as well. You should also be either a parent/caretaker of a child under the age of 19, blind, disable (or are living with somebody who is disabled and requires help) as well as being 65 years or older.

The big deal would be the income limit, which determines if you make “too much money” to be capable of qualifying. It depends on the number of people living in your home, so be sure to take all of that into account before putting in your application.

House of 1 $15,800 MAX/yr
House of 2 – $21,307 MAX/yr
House of 3 – $26,813 MAX/yr
House of 4 – $32,319 MAX/yr
House of 5 – $37,825 MAX/yr
House of 6 – $43,331 MAX/yr
House of 7 – $48,851 MAX/yr
House of 8 – $54,384 MAX/yr

*You can still have more than 8 people in your household and be eligible, just be sure to add on an extra $5,533 for ever person to be considered.

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